Craft beer and brewery services

Over ten years ago I stumbled into the world of craft beer. Now, having worked closely with many UK and worldwide microbreweries, online beer retailers, distributors, pubs and bottle shops I have built up an extensive network of contacts and can offer in-depth knowledge of the craft beer market.

No brewer enjoys taking care of the general day to day running of the business. Why have to sort paperwork, raise invoices, respond to emails and telephone calls when all you want to do is brew beer?

Without marketing you won't get the all important sales which will allow your brewery to bloom, but do you have the time to spend on social media each day?

Looking to export your beers into Europe or beyond but are baffled by the ins and outs of EMCS documentation, transportation, duty and VAT implications?

Delegate the daily jobs you dread to someone who loves doing them and get back to what you do best, brewing great beer!